365 Grateful Project | Week Two, day 8-14

» Day 8

So, I cought a cold, and my throat always get’s worst, been like that ever since I had the “kissing disease”. So, been drinking a lot of tea today, and all week – and I am grateful for how tasty it is, that I have lot’s of different flavors and that it actually helps against a sore throat.


» Day 9

Once again it struck me how beautiful and inspiring light can be, how it lifts my mood up and gives me lot of ideas when it comes to photography. Thank you dear light!

» Day 10

Grateful for all the tools of organization that’s out there, and for the fact that I actually find it loads of fun to organize my calendar, write things up etc. Also, tremendously grateful for the fact that I now have a good reason to get more organized: I got accepted into a school of photography, it was the second year in a row that I applied to it, and this time I made it. So for 2 years, I’ll study to become a photographer – I’m so excited (and organized)!

» Day 11

So grateful for my friend Emmie, and that she’s back in town. She’s one of my best friends, and I love her so. We hade  a nice day in town, ate sushi for lunch and later grabbed a coffee. Just a really nice day with a really nice person. Also, shooting polaroid rocks! :D (yes, real polaroid, that I scanned)

» Day 12

Alone time, I’m grateful for whenever I get, and that I am one of those that can actually really enjoy it. Sometimes I even want it, this evening was one of those occasions. My parents went to a local pub, and I decided to stay home. I scrubbed my face, did a vapour bath for it, as well as a facial mask. Then I lit some candles, poured me a glass of red and made a nice omelette for my self, all while listening to soft, cosy music and just relaxing.


» Day 13

So grateful that I got to attend the wedding day of Marna & Andreas, as their wedding photographer. They’re such a lovely couple, they looked stunngn and we had a lot of fun during our shoot, which turned out awsome. It was a great day full of sunshine and joy. Thank You for letting me be a part of it, and I wish you all the best. Congratulations once again on your marriage!

» Day 14

                                                     (crappy phone picture woo)

Got tattooed today, by a friend of mine that’s started practicing to become a tattoo artist. I really appreciates the kind of art that tattoos are, and this was my forth one. On my right wrist, it says “winterwind” in japanese. I already have  tattoo in japanese on my left wrist. It’s not done on the pic above – showing a better pic later. I love it though and it feels great to have both wrists tattooed (finually!), it creates more balance – something which is important to me. Any who, always nice to spend your Sunday with getting tattooed.


The 365 Grateful project is something I recently started, mostly in order to make me feel better and become a better person. The goal is to take one picture every day of something I am grateful for, for an entire year. I hope my photography will evolve along with this. I got this tip from a friend, who showed me a video of the first girl who started 365 Grateful. Check out the video about the original project.