Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream

Winter is here, and soon december and christmas. I live more in tune with the seasons of nature, than holidays though. I will decorate my home in tune with winter this weekend (frosted candle holders, white branches and pinecones). Some elfs / santa clause’s might appear. But the faery tale-like, beautiful ones – not the old, rugged dude with a big belly. No glittering and glowing stuff, not a lot of crazy red things. How do you decorate?


With each season comes a different type of food and drink as well. Autumn had it’s tea and it’s hot water with ginger and lemon in it. Now the evenings are passed sipping mulled wine or a cup of hot chocolate, and our water carry the smell of oranges. If you live in the US, this weekend is all about thanksgiving, or rather giving thanks, as Sheena wisely wrote on her blog.

However, we do not celebrate thanksgiving here. For me the weekend will be all about christmas carols, decorating our home and waiting for snow. I will of course, be enjoying many lovely cups of hot chocolate. Just as it is, or with some whipped cream, bits of chocolate and maybe some spices, like cinnamon for example. Yum!

_DSC5959-Redigera_web Nikon D7000 + Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8, tripod and ambient light | 0.4 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100
© 2013 Rania Maria Photography