Cups & blankets | Autumn/Winter 2013

I realize I haven’t showed many of my interior photographs on the blog. The ones Lantliv bought can’t be shown until they’re published, naturally. Some we’ve been trying to sell so we’ve kept them in the dark. I can finally show you some though, that we took quite a while back (In september I think). Me and Emma, the stylist in Stockholm that I work with, created some more conceptual/artsy interior photographs in order to display a sortiment of cups and blankets for autumn/winter.

Emma had found this really old, big and empty barn in the countryside outside of Stockholm. She got in contact with the owner and it was ok for us to use it as a base for our pictures. It was a great, inspiring environment to be in. We used to create smaller environments/spaces from scratch. Whilst we were there working, a neighbor stopped by wondering what we were up to. That’s how we found the home we later photographed and sold to Lantliv! It’s really nice when work creates more work, and I think that’s often how things are in this business. Also, huge thanks to Emmas’ mum who was there to assist/help out.

We really like this barn, it has loads of potential and Emma has a lot of different ideas about things that can be done in there – so hopefully we’ll be back one day!



Styling Emma Wallmén, Photo & Post Process Rania Maria Rönntoft © 2013

Product list (in Swedish), from left to right, top to bottom:

Pic 01: Vit kaffekanna, Madam solo kaffebrygg 699 kr (säljs på ROOM), Kopp svart/vit med fat, Gustavsberg Thegods Sali 765 kr, Tekanna svart/vit, Marimekko tekanna Räsymatto 755 kr, Lykta vit klar, Ljuslykta Kastehelmi Iittala 99 kr, Kopp med svans, Mugtail 199 kr (från Systrarna Voltaire, PUB), Grå kopp, Mateus irregular coup 205 kr, Vita koppar, Rörstrand Filippa K 299 kr för 2-pack

Pic 02: Pall – second hand, Grå/vit bomullsfilt, Klippan 950 kr, Grå/vit pläd, Fillout Plaid 799 kr Bolia, Grå/vit pläd, Gitano Pläd 529 kr Bolia. På väggen från vänster till höger: Ljuslykta, Granit 29 kr, Gråmelerad mohairpläd, Foxford Woolleen mills 1299 kr (säljs ROOM), Grå mosstickad pläd, H&M Home 699 kr, Vit pläd, Ikea Ofelia 249 kr

Pic 03: Övre plan: Vit kopp med fat, Rörstrand NAMN 279 kr, Vit kopp (liggande), Mugg Lina Åhléns 59 kr, Hängande ljuslykta, Granit 25 kr Nedre plan: Tekanna, Granit 199 kr, Vit kopp med fat, Design Marie Söderholm kopp 250 kr, fat 160 kr- från blås&knåda, Tepåse, T2 tea french caramel Nicolas Vahé, House Doctor 105 kr

Pic 04: Övre plan: Kopp med prickigt mönster, Pols Potten Bold Blue 55 kr/styck (säljs på ROOM), Kopp med rutigt mönster, Pols Potten Bold Blue 55 kr/styck (säljs på ROOM), Kopp med smårutigt mönster, Pols Potten Bold Blue 55 kr/styck (säljs på ROOM) Nedre plan: Kopp med fat, Design Maria Kristofersson 550 kr (finns på blås&knåda), Kopp med maskrosmönster, Design Eva Larsson 220 kr/styck (finns på Kaolin)