I amar prestar aen…

It started with me finding the lovely copy of Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The Ring (I have to find the other two books in the same edition?!). Then came yesterday. A snowy storm was raging outside, and I have our home all to myself now – Andreas is away with his relatives up north. I decided to make a cup of tea and turn on the first movie of the LOTR series in the background while I sat in the sofa reading and drawing. It ended up with me watching all three movies in a row while the storm raged on and the lamps flickered. Tonight I’m watching The Hobbit – Extended Version while being all cozy with lit candles, hot chocolate, mulled wine etc. It’s pretty stormy outside tonight as well, and I hope we get some more snow before this is over!

Today I’ve spent the entire day editing a movie, it’s only about 4-5 minutes long, but recording, cutting and editing takes a while… I’m not done yet! But keep an eye out on my youtube channel tomorrow, it should be up/get uploaded by then!*

*Edit: Finishing the movie took way longer than I though, but it should be up sometime tomorrow (sunday)!