Chocolate Filled With Nougat & Almond Icing

My second cousin is really talented when it comes to baking, she runs the blog Selma Bakar which you should totally check out, and like her Facebook Page for updates on new recipes. She was here all weekend baking, and then we had like a mini photo workshop. I showed her how I do when I style and shoot.

We made these really delicious chocolate balls, which was quite a messy project, but a lot of fun and they are delicious! After dipping them in melted chocolate, Selma had the bright idea to let them dry on the wire rack from the oven. We propped it up on some glasses so that it got a bit higher, and placed a baking paper underneath. Super smart!

They looked so good on that wire rack, so I just got my old, rusty baking sheet underneath and sprinkled some cacao over some of them. You don’t always need a lot of styling. We did style them differently and shoot some more later, but this image is a new one in my Chocolate Series. Feels really good to produce something new for that, finally!

© Rania Maria Photography© Rania Maria Photography | Sigma 17-50mm at 1/6 sec, f/4.0 and ISO 800 (on a tripod, triggered with remote)


Now, this recipe is really simple and they’re easy to do, it’s just a bit messy ;) If you want the recipe in swedish, just head over to this post at Selma Bakar. Here’s the recipe in english:


  • Nougat
  • Almond Icing
  • Chocolate

Keep the nougat and almond icing in the fridge, it’s easer to work with if it’s cold and a bit stiff. Roll the nougat into small balls, and put the balls on a plate or tray. Take pieces of almond icing and press flat in your hand, place the nougat in the center and then close the almond around it, so that the nougat is covered in almond icing. Make sure it’s not too much/too thick but not to thin so that the nougat sips through either.

Put them in the fridge again so they get cold and stiff before it’s time to dip them in chocolate, once again this makes it a lot easier. Then melt the chocolate with a water bath. We used tooth picks to dip the balls in the chocolate, then we placed them on the wire rack, with the pick down through the bars and then we gently screwed the pick out of them. Let them dry on in room temperature (make sure the sun isn’t shining on them!) and then keep them in the fridge.

We did not have enough chocolate, so we added some olive oil (canola oil is probably a better choice, but we didn’t have any) to make our chocolate more loose, and this also made it more shiny. You can also add some taste to the almond icing using coffee, kahlua or whatever you prefer.

Here’s some behind the scenes footage, shot with my phone, showing the process: