Boheme Beauty

As I told you in this post, I shot for Seienstyle & Dreadstuff when I was in Stockholm. I took some images in their office/shop/hair saloon but what I came there to do though, was to photograph the owner Ann-Marie. I spent all day yesterday editing pictures of her, and I am doing that today as well (we shot in a few different locations and with different outfits). She is such a beautiful and inspiring woman. I love her style so much! Walking beside her, I looked at her and thought she looked like she worked for Free People or SPELL.

I just had to take a break from editing and show you one of my favorite images of her that I finished yesterday. Sorry about the huge watermark but since this photo is for work, I really don’t want to end up seeing it everywhere (sadly that happens too often).

© Rania Maria Rönntoft for Seienstyle & Dreadstuff© Rania Maria Rönntoft for Seienstyle & Dreadstuff
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