Those slow mornings in the sun


I love them. To wake up feeling the sun in the room, how bright and warm it is. Staying in bed for a while after you woke, stretching your body. Thinking about things. Reading a little.  Then you get up to make some coffee, pour up some juice. Set the table with drinks, fruit, a magazine or two to flip through, bread and tasty spread like cheese, tomatoes, avocado, salami… To sit down, alown or with your significant other, family or friend and enjoy breakfast for a long time, taking it slow. Eating, talking, reading, being quiet. Maybe you can even have breakfast outdoors? In the grass, on a porch or balcony. Oh that’s the best. I love breakfast.


Take the time to set the table beautifully. Use your best napkins, a nice tray, beautiful glass containers… Some fresh flowers perhaps. Open up a window, let the breeze in (if you’re not outdoors). Sit in complete silence or play some soft music. I have a playlist for soft, still moments. Allow yourself to take time and enjoy a moment like this. Perfect on a weekend morning. Although we should take more time for breakfast during the workdays too.


Selma made this bread for us when she stayed here for a weekend a while back. It was delicious and we had a really pleasant breakfast enjoying it together with her. Sadly our oven is a bit wacky and too hot compared to what it says so the they got a really nice, dark tan haha. But the taste was amazing and the hints of lemon that you felt more in some bites, less in others – wonderful! You can check out the recipe (in Swedish) on her blog.

As I urge you all to make a big, tasty breakfast and take the time to really enjoy a slow morning, I’m packing my bags and going away again. I know, I got home from Stockholm 3 days ago, but now I’m off to visit Selma and her family for a few days. Bye!