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One week. One word: Morning

Second week apart. We decided to do the opposite of last week, and the word evening. The theme this time was morning.

For me, mornings are a time to relax, wake up in your own time. I hate stressful mornings. I’d rather wake up earlier than needed, just so that I can drink my coffee and take my time. Mornings should be relaxed and cozy. Warm clothes, maybe a blanket while you read the morning news (or blogs in my case).

During late autumn and winter, it’s about warmth as well. Lighting candles and wearing knits, making sure you’re becoming warm as you wake up. At Andreas’ mums place, we even had a fire going, spreading warmth and a lovely, cracking sound. Of course, coffee is the main thing of importance during my mornings.

It’s also about light, of the sun coming up, brightening the world, making both it and us ready for yet another day. How do you spend your first hour awake every day?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA © 2013 Rania Maria Photography

One week. One word: Evening

Me and Andreas has been apart for a while now, I’ve been in Gothenburg (and now Borås) and Andreas away up north with his family. So we decided to give ourself a little photo assignment/theme. We drew a word, and decided that we had one week to produce 1-3 images. The first word was evening.

For me these december evenings has been all about cozy christmas decorations bringing light in the darkness. Especially since we have no snow and it really gets dark, pitch black. Since the sun sets early the hours of darkness are many.

raniamaria_evening01 Left image: Nikon D7000 + Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 | Right image: Olympus XZ-2
© Rania Maria Photography

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Olympus Xz-2, © Rania Maria Photography



So, after the studio workshop with Magnus & Magnus last week, we got an assignment that will be presented tomorrow. We were to take a picture taken in a studio/with a flash and try to imitate the lighting.

So this tuesday that has passed, me and Jenny booked the studio in school and photographed each other (I will show her picture of me later). I found a picture on flickr, amongst my contacts, that I like for a lot of reasons. It has the colortones that I like and try to use myself, also it’s not the ordinary, just superbright and sharp studio lighting, I don’t like that, and it’s shot with a low aperture setting. This is the picture. (great photographer btw!) And this is my picture:

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 in the studio, using a black background and a beauty dish placed almost completely infront of her, and a bit above her. I used the modeling light only.

She is btw a lovely person, a strong woman (she quit her work she studied for 5 years to get, to try out becoming a photographer!) and a nice classmate.

Check out her flickr here: