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First Weekend In June

Friday, Andreas made lovely food. It’s great to gather herbs from our balcony (we’re growing basil and oregano)! I made a drink and we just had a nice day at home, playing Diablo III and such.

We did some cleaning, then Andreas sat infront of the computer doing stuff whilst my friend Emmie came over and we drank some (a lot) of wine and just hung out.

I ate a nice lunch, whilst watching Juuni Kokki and Escaflowne. Then Martina came over and made a mehndi/henna tattoo on me. The we drank some wine (a lot) haha :D

I had a very nice weekend. How was yours?

Hultsfredsfestivalen 2011

So, I was at a festival called Hultsfred last week, with my boyfriend and a friend of his. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of great bands!

It was pouring down when we arrived, so I got pretty wet haha! Also I look tired and like shit, but I always do these days.. Anyway, our camp turned out great!

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