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So, the end of my time in school is drawing nearer with every day. Today was the deadline to send in finished pictures for our catalogue, that we’re making and which we’ll be selling at our vernissage in december where my class will be showing our examination projects. The catalogue will contain a few pages for each photographer in my class, and some pictures from that person’s project. It will be a really good looking catalogue, that the people studying to become art directors, copywriters etc, have designed!

I cannot wait for the flyers and official invitations to be made, so I can start inviting people to our vernissage which will be really great and contain lots of amazing pictures from amazing photographers – if you live close by, I hope you’re interested in visiting, and also to buy a copy of our lovely catalogue!

Anyways, here are three pictures from my examination project/portfolio that will be featured in the catalogue:

I’m not blogging or showing anything new now, due to all the stress with the exam and everything, but things are really coming to an end soon, and I’m starting to come closer to being finished – so soon my friends, soon!

I photographed some new still life’s yesterday, and this weekend I’m doing a reportage about two, freelancing creative people – a photographer and a web designer – and their home! Also, I will be working more on my physical portfolio now, so pictures of that process and my portfolio is on it’s way as well.

Stay tuned! /stressed photographer with lots to do



So, after the studio workshop with Magnus & Magnus last week, we got an assignment that will be presented tomorrow. We were to take a picture taken in a studio/with a flash and try to imitate the lighting.

So this tuesday that has passed, me and Jenny booked the studio in school and photographed each other (I will show her picture of me later). I found a picture on flickr, amongst my contacts, that I like for a lot of reasons. It has the colortones that I like and try to use myself, also it’s not the ordinary, just superbright and sharp studio lighting, I don’t like that, and it’s shot with a low aperture setting. This is the picture. (great photographer btw!) And this is my picture:

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 in the studio, using a black background and a beauty dish placed almost completely infront of her, and a bit above her. I used the modeling light only.

She is btw a lovely person, a strong woman (she quit her work she studied for 5 years to get, to try out becoming a photographer!) and a nice classmate.

Check out her flickr here: