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Royal Crest – Inked by Jobell Art

My dear friend Josefin is really good at drawing, and also a tattoo artist, going under the name of Jobell Art. She’s done my last three tattoos and yesterday it was time for a fourth.

I am a huge fan of the Zelda games, Nintendo has done such a great job with them all (except maybe Majoras Mask…). The games in themselves are all wonderful, great story, amazing environments and temples, the puzzle solving is fantastic (and hard) and the characters, friends and foes, are so well done with lovely and unique personalities. No game is the other alike, yet there’s always a feeling of recognition. The music is beyond fantastic too. I have a zelda playlist on spotify, and a board with pictures on pinterest.

The entire history of Hyrule, and the lore that surges through all the games, binding them together – it’s so complex, well though of and just… mind-blowing. I have a huge book containing the history of Hyrule, and I’ve read it a few times but it’s still hard to grasp it all. The concept art is spectacular as well. I need to post some pictures from my book one day


Anyway, I’ve wanted a Zelda tattoo for quite some time now. I first planned to do the owl from the games, Kaepora Gaebora, but I did not feel that it worked well together with my other tattoos. Minimalistic, black and graphical designs are really what suits me. This tattoo resembles a bird, which is great since I love birds, and it really breathes the essence of the Zelda games. Of course, it also has the triforce (power, wisdom and courage) in it. It’s the Royal Crest, a mix between the triforce and the Godess Crest, representing the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Don’t forget to check out Josefins’ Facebook Page, Blog and Portfolio! Here’s a video showing the inking itself:

First Weekend In June

Friday, Andreas made lovely food. It’s great to gather herbs from our balcony (we’re growing basil and oregano)! I made a drink and we just had a nice day at home, playing Diablo III and such.

We did some cleaning, then Andreas sat infront of the computer doing stuff whilst my friend Emmie came over and we drank some (a lot) of wine and just hung out.

I ate a nice lunch, whilst watching Juuni Kokki and Escaflowne. Then Martina came over and made a mehndi/henna tattoo on me. The we drank some wine (a lot) haha :D

I had a very nice weekend. How was yours?

Drums and Fire – I Am Alive

A little bit of shamanism with that morning coffee? Here you go, a selfportrait from yesterday! Btw, listening to this while doing the shoot helped a lot to get in the right mood, Shpongle ftw!

Nikon D80, Nikkor 24mm f/2.8. Tripod and remote, window light and reflector. Selfportrait.

Copyright © Rania Maria Rönntoft, All Rights Reserved.
You may not use, replicate, manipulate, redistribute, or modify this image without my express consent

365 Grateful Project | Week Two, day 8-14

» Day 8

So, I cought a cold, and my throat always get’s worst, been like that ever since I had the “kissing disease”. So, been drinking a lot of tea today, and all week – and I am grateful for how tasty it is, that I have lot’s of different flavors and that it actually helps against a sore throat.


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